About Us

Based in Prince George and servicing Northern British Columbia, we specialize in the recruitment and talent management of workers the Construction, Forestry, Oil and Gas and Transportation Industries.

We understand the unique recruitment and retention struggles faced by Employers and workers in the North. We are dedicated to offering increased access to employment opportunities for all workers and companies throughout Northern BC. Core Recruitment is part of the O’Brien Group of companies – an equal opportunity employer dedicated to eradicating barriers to employment for all protected groups. Founded in 2005, O’Brien Training has become one of Northern BC’s top training institutions within Forestry, Construction and Professional Driving. Their 500 acre construction training site gives trainees real world experience operating various typed of industrial equipment. We are excited and believe this partnership is the key to bridging the employment gap in Northern BC.

Core Recruitment collaborates with local training institutions, educational facilities, professional associations and first Nations community representatives. Through these partnerships, customized recruitment solutions are offered throughout various Natural Resource sectors.


To provide efficient and effective recruitment options to the Natural Resource Sectors in Northern British Columbia with a focus on local, National and Aboriginal resources.

Our Vision

To bring exceptional value to Northern BC industries in the areas of recruitment and talent management.  Our vision stems from a deep commitment and understanding of the unique needs of Northern communities, and a strong desire to meet those needs with unprecedented value and quality.  We believe that there is a gap of services in this region and our vision is to bridge that gap.

Our Values

Our Values are the driving force behind our efforts: We believe that honesty, hard work and a commitment to continuous improvement are the cornerstone of all business success.